On October 6, at 3 pm Eastern Time, The Mihalik Group will host a free webinar on “Changes to NCQA Health Plan Accreditation Standards for 2022 Standards Year”, presented by Catherine Gitimu , MBA, MS and Frank Stelling M.Ed., M.P.H.  During this session, our team will highlight HPA changes for will discuss 2022 HPA Health Equity Standards and will also answer your questions.

 Ms. Gitimu is TMG’s newest member of our NCQA consulting team. Ms. Gitimu is also an administrative surveyor for NCQA. Until recently Ms. Gitimu was a Senior Manager of Accreditation Policy for NCQA. Ms. Gitimu has extensive knowledge of NCQA Accreditation standards. Her areas of expertise include quality management and improvement, credentialing, delegation, multicultural health care, utilization management, physician and hospital quality and compliance with Accreditation standards, including NCQA standards for health plans, MBHOs, UM organizations, Case Management Organizations and CVOs. 

 Mr. Stelling was an Assistant Director of Policy at NCQA and his areas of expertise include quality improvement, credentialing, case management, disease management and all aspects of compliance with NCQA Accreditation and Certification Standards and Guidelines.

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