Population Health Management (PHM) is undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords in health care today.  Many experts have described the new paradigm as just a new name for case management, but the boundaries of case management have been drastically expanded with PHM.  For health plans, NCQA standards have helped establish a roadmap to developing internal programs and directing the formation and operation of provider programs. 

In this webinar, on November 12, at 3:00 EST, Dr. Donald Lighter, Professor at the University of Tennessee and veteran NCQA surveyor, will describe the NCQA standards relating to PHM and relate them to one of the
other current buzzwords – “value-based healthcare”.  The objectives of this program include:

  1. Describe the basic precepts of Population Health Management using NCQA standards as a framework.
  2. Relate the approach in PHM to value-based healthcare and financial risk assumption
  3. Identify opportunities for providers and payers to leverage PHM to enhance service and attenuate costs.

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